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5 easy Halloween costumes based on a webseries

Going to a Halloween party? Then you have to dress up. So if you’re looking for an easy costume, we’ve got 5 webseries-inspired ones that you can pull together in a flash. And hey, if someone knows who you are – you’ll have made a friend for life!

Raven from Clutch

One trip to the local Stag Shop and you can put a version of Raven’s sexy dom look. A pair of leather leggings. A sexy red and black bustier and of course, a riding crop!

Raven from Clutch


B.J. Fletcher from B.J. Fletcher Private Eye

Dig through Dad’s closet and grap his wide lapelled leather jacket. Add a black T, and penetrating stare and hello Halloween!

BJ Fletcher

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Pour yourself a big cup of orange: Whether you throw on short shorts or long pants, a crop-top or tee-shirt you can be almost anyone from this great series. That’s the beauty of prison fashion! Be ready to bust out your loud-and-proud singing voice and killer dance moves at a moment’s notice.

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Gayl Pile from The Amazing Gayl Pile

Take a quick trip to your local thrift shop and pick up a pair of too large wire-frame glasses and the wackiest vest you can find. Put on your best home shopping voice and voila! You are instantly transformed from a run-of-the-mill loser into a home-shopping king-of-the-world nerd!

Gayl Pile

Maxine from Haphead

This list isn’t complete without our heroine, Maxine. She’s all black, all the time. Black leggings, black tank top and a black hoodie. Add a smack of stubbornness and mix with a fuck you attitude.

Elysia from Haphead


Happy Halloween everybody!

Two weeks of “Action!”

On-set moments. Off-scene waiting. Hamming it up and toning it down. We’ve got a bunch of great production pix for you to peruse. Take a moment to check them out.

Unless otherwise noted, photo are courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling.

Elysia White

Kwambe Kyei-Boateng

Joanne Jansen

Sarah DeSouza-Coelho

Tony Edgar, sets up the shot

Ninja is ready to rumble

Parkour. Parked

BunnyHead. Nuff said

David Straus, delighted with his new tat


Hanging out. Being cool

Elysia fights actor Ben DeVries


WWE wrestler Devon Nicholson with Elysia

Ryan Leis, heats things up

Forged weapons


The scene behind the screen

Eyes that mesmerize


- Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

– Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs


The Kickstarter campaign to finish HAPHEAD, our neo-noir webseries set in 2025 Toronto, started last week. This week we have a new reward!

Post-Apocalyptic Pin-Ups

We’ve been making sci-fi movies for the past seven years here in Toronto, and consequently visualizing the future here a lot. So we’ve put them together in a 2015 calendar called FALLEN TORONTO as a new reward. If you live here you can shiver in nameless dread all the year round, and if you live elsewhere you can revel in schadenfreude at the fall of our socialist den of iniquity.

Some months feature the work of HAPHEAD’s brilliant 3D artist, Mathew Borrett, like this one that reminds us that winter is coming… the beautiful and terrible winter…

Concept illustrations for GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS by the marvellous Sanford Kong show us that art, even institutional art, is a fragile thing & needs support (hint hint)…

And Terry Lau‘s graphic design warns us of the peculiar dangers after the 2026 mutant spider infestation.

A Glitch in the Mayoral Matrix

In the calendar, beyond the usual holidays and such we’ve added events of note such as the CN TOWER COLLAPSE (2032) and DEAMALGAMATION DAY (2019).

We’re having a bit of trouble with October 27th, however.

It keeps randomly fluctuating between FORD NATION ALLEGIANCE BBQ and ELECTION DAY. I guess until us Torontonians decide our future this Monday, these timelines will be unstable.

As an asian female, candidate Olivia Chow would obviously be playing the part of our mayor in a sci-fi story.

Vote Utopian! Vote Chow!

Yes, Yes, But How Do I Get the Calendar?

Easy! Go here, and check out the rewards.

Teaser pleaser in a Kickstarter vid!

Exciting news! We’ve just released a new Haphead teaser trailer! It’s intriguing, suspenseful and looks amazing. Take a peek below!

Boot tread with "Haphead" embedded into it.

Check out the trailer. Or risk a stomping.

(Kick) start me up!

This new trailer is part of an overall fundraising effort. So if you like the trailer, then help make sure the whole series looks just as amazing.  Check out our campaign, peruse the rewards and make a donation. Whether it’s $5 or $500 – every dollar makes a difference. Plus, you’ll be helping to create an original webseries that’s worth watching.

Share the campaign and create some good karma

Tell your quirky auntie, your best friend and your brother-in-law with that weird mole. Share it with your faithful followers, Facebook friends and Google+ googlers. You’ll put lots of good karma in the bank. Which hopefully, one day may be used as legal tender.


Photoshoot fun. Photoshop magic

Every movie has a main visual and the “Elysia Stomp” is ours. We’re going to use it on everything: Handouts, posters and the cover of the Haphead novella – and of course our Kickstarter campaign! A big thanks to Elysia our stomping superstar, Derek our photographer, Terry our Creative Director, Teresa our Make-Up Artist and Mathew our Visual Effects Artist who created the authentic-looking Haphead shoe tread.

Elysia balances with help of crew

Behind the boot action


Check back soon for more Haphead news!