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Just one more month to launch!

Every day we get a little closer to a fully finished Haphead series. We’ve got a screening date booked, the test screening’s done and the post-production is rocking out.

You helped make the series. Now see the story.

In early 2015, Haphead hits the big screen. We’ll be showing all eight delicious episodes at The Royal Cinema in Toronto. Tickets go on sale in next year. If you didn’t score a ticket through our Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry you can pick up a ticket in winter 2015. For just $12 you can watch 70 minutes of drama, intrigue and super story telling!

Don't miss opening night -  January 22, 2015!

Don’t miss opening night – January 22, 2015!

It’s not too late to get your FALLEN TORONTO calendar!

Want to revel in a full year of stunning post-apocalyptic imagery? There’s still time. We’re selling a limited number of FALLEN TORONTO calendars. Find out how to get yours!

Two men look at the FALLEN TORONTO calendar

Spacing’s Matt Blackett and Michael Bulko check out the pages of epic destruction.

 Testing, testing. 1, 2, 3 – 8 

When you’re mired in a project, it’s hard to be objective. What’s working? What’s not working? Who knows anymore? That’s why we organized a Haphead test screening with a small audience. In a comfy, cozy room, our volunteers watched Season 1 in one big gulp. Afterwards they told us what worked, what didn’t and helped us pinpoint potential areas of confusion. Armed with specific feedback, our editor Tate fine-tuned each episode making the story tighter and the scenes work harder.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts: Tracey B., Maureen W., Joanna M., Emily P.W., Karina and Randal B.

Post-pro round up 

Now that the final edits are made we’re at picture lock. Which means this post-production train is in the final leg of the trip. The colourization started this past Monday. Our visual effects artists, Matt and Barb, have been busy creating some killer visuals and effects. While our machinimist Sagan painstakingly created video game animation.On the sound side, composer Adrian is creating a score that brings out the drama, while sound designer Fanny is carefully enhancing the sound of every shout, whisper and futuristic whirr.
Privacy? What privacy? This is the future!

Survelliance drone conceived by Marc Ngui and created by Mathew Borrett

It’s not too late to get your FALLEN TORONTO calendar!

Get your fallen future just in time for Giftmas!

Two men look at the FALLEN TORONTO calendar

Matt Blackett and Michael Bulko of Spacing check out the new calendar. “Oooh… look at the epic destruction!”

The demand for the FALLEN TORONTO calendars was terrific. So terrific in fact, that for the next six weeks, we’re going to keeps selling the post-apocalyptic pix. There are a limited number of calendars though, so get yours before it’s too late! Otherwise you may be stuck looking at 12 months of weird babies floating in oversized lily pads or doe-eyed, testically-undescended, Teen Beat boy bands. Oh! The horror!

Here’s how you can get your mitts on 12 months of destruction

Visit the new Spacing store

401 Richmond, Ground Floor

Enter off Richmond St. via northeast corner of building

Cost: $25 + tax

Email us your order

Send an email to Sean at and he’ll co-ordinate a pay method for you. Be sure to include your snail mail address so we know where to send your calendar.

Canada orders: $35 ($25/calendar + $10/taxes & shipping)

USA orders: $40 ($25/calendar + $15/taxes & shipping)

International orders: $50 ($25/calendar + $25/taxes & shipping)

No matter which option you choose, the proceeds from all calendar sales will help support Haphead Season 2!

CN Tower

Once again, traffic on the Gardiner ground to a halt.