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Episode 6 ‘A Moment of Silence’ & bonus video ‘Lizzie Blitz’

Episode 6 is now online!

Lizzie Blitz

After you watch episode 6, follow future vlogger Lizzie Blitz as she takes you into the secret world of the haptic video-gaming scene – if only she doesn’t get found out. See what happens on the flip side of Haphead Episode 6: A Moment of Silence.

Wells Aster*sk Employee Interview

Episode 5 ‘Condition of the Heart’ now online!

Tara Aster*sk Employee Interview

Interview from behind the firewall of the Special Economic Zone at Canada’s most flexible employer – ASTER*SK – video game industry leaders and bleeding edge haptic cable manufacturing company.

Episode 4 ‘Writer’s Block’ Now online!

Lars’ Aster*sk Interview Leaked

Lars’ Aster*sk Interview Leaked

Apparently the Aster*sk firewall wasn’t as strong as they thought, because some hackers snagged some videos obviously meant for internal hiring review only. What secrets do they reveal about our future Hapheads? What could Aster*sk be trying to find out? A series of employment interviews that are as weird as they are invasive.

Haphead Watchalong – 50% off purchase price until Sunday

Were you bummed you couldn’t make the Haphead premiere in Toronto? Have you been meaning to watch Haphead but haven’t gotten around to it? Well, do we have an online futuristic option for YOU!

We’ll be coordinating a watchalong — an online collective viewing of the full 72 minutes of season one. Binge on all 8 episodes currently in existence back to back! We’re encouraging people to livetweet with the #haphead hashtag during the screening — you’re not in the theatre, keep your phones ON. After the screening you can tweet #haphead questions  — our director, star and writer will be online as well as other cast and crew.

Here’s how we’ll do it!

  • On Sunday, Feb. 15 at 4pm EST, go to to rent or buy it — or have it downloaded in advance and be ready to hit play. If you think you’ll be livetweeting, you might want to give your followers a heads-up that they might want to mute you for the next two hours.
  • Watch @haphead for the official “Hit Play!” tweet around 4:10pm.
  • Watch and livetweet as much as you can with the #haphead hashtag! The 3 highest quality (not quantity) tweeters will get prizes!
  • Around 5:20pm EST the q&a will begin & probably go for 20-30 minutes. Tweet your questions with the #haphead hashtag as that’s what we’ll be watching, and then we’ll tweet back.

If I’m not on Twitter, can I participate?
Absolutely! We respect your non-compliance. Just go to if you’d like to watch the tweets. You can also email us questions at the q&a at

50% off until Sunday

In support of our watch along, we’re offering Haphead at $4.99 instead of the regular $9.99 from now until Sunday. Use code “WATCHALONG” and purchase it at

I’ve already watched it all!

Awesome! You could watch ‘n’ tweet it anyway just because it’s fun — but no spoilers pls! — or you might want to jump in for the q&a at the end, or email with questions beforehand since you’ve seen it.

Watchalong advice and tips provided by Carol from and #driveinmob !

Haphead Episode 3 ‘Grudge Match’ Online