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Watch the Full Season for Free, NYC Premiere

Haphead’s taking New York City next week! It’s screening at Games for Change, the games conference that’s a part of the Tribeca Film Festival. (Drop a line if you’ll be in town, maybe we can meet up!)

To celebrate, for a limited time we’re making the feature version of our cyberpunk series available here!

Enjoy the full 75 minute season one, without credits and title interruptions. We find that people who watch the first season, with all its surprising twists and turns, are hooked — and excited about the possibility of a season 2. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already. It’s the Veronica-Mars-Meets-the-Matrix mashup you never knew you needed!

Dig it? Share it! Heck, people just might be appreciative you’ve sent some free sci-fi their way.

Wanna see a season 2? Lots of ways to help make it happen, including supporting our Patreon.

Translate Haphead

Whelp-translate-wordlee’ve started the initiative to crowdsource Haphead translations. If you speak a second language and would like to help, head over to our dotsub videos to find out how:

EPISODE 1 ‘New Meat’
EPISODE 2 ‘Level Up’
EPISODE 3 ‘Grudge Match’
EPISODE 4 ‘Writer’s Block’
EPISODE 5 ‘Condition of the Heart’
EPISODE 6 ‘A Moment of Silence’ (wordless episode – no translations required)
EPISODE 7 ‘Scoot or Die’
EPISODE 8 ‘Terminus-Phrase’

Note: we already have french translations.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our translation coordination email: