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We’re halfway there!

This production is rocking and rolling. This past week we shot everything from outcast tattoos, punching Dad in the face, clandestine druggings and getaway shaggin’ wagons. The future’s a damn good place to be illicit and complicit.

Life In The Haphead Lair

Our most ambitious shoot was at The Monkey Vault.  The owner Dan, along with one of our producers Anthony, lined up a kaleidoscope of talented performers with a variety of physical skills. Parkour. Break dancing. Capoeira. Acrobatics. Skateboarding. We even had an authentic blacksmith on board!

Add in some punk glam costumes, inventive light set-ups, hazy smoke machine and the marvellous effort of all cast and crew and you get a Haphead lair that really came to life.

Performer does a flipping

Just casually flipping out.

Elysia prepares to punch

It’s like Friday Night Fight Club

Tony looks through camera viewfinder

Director of Photography, Tony shoots a smoke-filled room.


Woman hang on bars

Just hanging around

Blacksmith creates weapons

Pretty much the coolest blacksmith ever.

Elysia brandishes her new weapon

Elysia brandishes her new weapon

Guy wearing oversized bunny head.

You know Turner, the Ninja Rabbit in Overgrowth? I’m his brother, Doug.

Group photos of performers, cast and crew

Performers, cast, crew at The Monkey Vault


Your 7-day shooting forecast: Sunny with a chance of trains.

This week we’ll be in Toronto, Vaughan and Uxbridge where our fearless heroine Maxine will be fighting, stealing and riding the rails to economic exploitation. Now that sounds like a party!

It’s Action Time!

We’re less than two days away from going into production. The plan is to shoot for 10 days over the course of two weeks. Which means the whole cast and crew will get at least a couple of days off each week.

Lights. Camera. Action!

It all starts bright and early (but not crazy early!) on Monday, August 18. It’s a nice indoor one –which is a great way to ease into the production madness.  Actors, Mandy and Jeff, will channel their ruthless, inner insurance agents as the characters Katherine and Dan. Elysia and David will strut their stuff as the close knit Maxine and Dad.

Fight Club

This week, rehearsals took centre stage. Lines were learned. Emotions were emoted. And Elysia “Fists of Fury” White honed her ass-kicking moves the old-timey way.

Elysia can teach Beyonce a thing or two about being fierce!

Elysia can teach Beyonce a thing or two about being fierce!


At Pervasive Insurance, logos watch you!

In addition to creating the wardrobe and planning the set deck, Art Director Marc Ngui, also been tweaking the Pervasive Insurance logo. Now with the addition of the camera, this whole logo is officially 42.5% creepier.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 3.15.18 PM

We’re super excited about our first day. Can’t wait to get rolling!

Want to be on camera? Now’s your chance!

We’re looking for some volunteer background actors. Don’t worry, you don’t need any acting experience. Just show up and be your awesome self. You’ll get to be part of the Haphead web series, experience all the on-set action and we’ll be super excited to have you on board. Plus, we’ll provide a yummy meal. Here are the details:

What we’re looking for

Group of culturally diverse people aged 6 - 80

Haphead-ites meet United Colours of Benetton.

  • All ages from 0 – 99. Seriously toddlers, kids, teens, adults – absolutely everyone is welcome.
  • All ethnicities. Let’s make the sci-fi future is culturally diverse!

Dates and times

  • Friday, August 22, 2014
  • This shoot is perfect for night owls, insomniacs and rebellious curfew-breakers.
  • Saturday, August 30, 2014 
  • Sunday, August 31, 2014
  • Monday, September 1, 2014
  • These are daytime shoots. Ideal for sunshine lovers and daylight doters.

Interested? Want to find out more? Email Anthony today at

Haphead’s happening

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted and we humbly apologize for this belated blog. But there’s a really great reason for our tardiness.

Our project was selected for funding!

As soon as we heard that the Independent Production Fund had chosen to fund Haphead, we leaped into pre-production mode in a big time way. Good thing too, because there’s a ton to do. Revising the script. Reworking budgets. Finalizing casting. Finding locations. Take a look at a few pre-pro highlights.

Table read

8 -10 people read from scripts while sitting around a coffee table

Table read with the main cast


Location possibilities

Inside of an abandoned, dilapidated commuter train

Transportation sucks in the future


30 tightly packed streetlights

Cool, streetlight chaos at Westin Road and Dennis Ave, in Toronto



Silver connector with three cables attached

Maxine jacks in with this original haptic cable created by Marc Ngui


 Set deck

Poster with picture of a chicken. Text:  "R.I.P.- 2017. Eggistential"

In the future, eggs are a thing of the past.


Superstar shout-outs

We’re incredibly excited to be able to make Haphead happen. And we’re grateful to everyone who helped. Thanks to:

  • Our talented cast and crew, who made our trailer so captivating and cohesive.
  • The people who offered advice and ideas for our IPF application package.
  • And everyone who took the time to watch the trailer!

We <heart> all of you.