Bonus Content

Lizzie Blitz

What’s up ninjas! Future Vlogger Lizzie Blitz takes you into the secret world of haptic video-gaming to meet the scene – if only she doesn’t get found out. See what happens on the flip side of Haphead Episode 6: A Moment of Silence.

Aster*sk Interviews Leaked!

Apparently the Aster*sk firewall wasn’t as strong as they thought, because some hackers snagged some videos obviously meant for internal hiring review only. What secrets do they reveal about our future Hapheads? What could Aster*sk be trying to find out? A series of employment interviews that are as weird as they are invasive.

Wells Interview

From corporate snitch to killer whales – Wells turns a regular interview into a miss-watch spectacle of quips, criticisms and confusion of the word “outlaw”.

Tara Interview

When you work for Aster*sk you better be ready for anything. But this time, Tara’s definitely not prepared for some of the questions she’s asked –  or the answers she gets.

Lars Interview

How do you impress the corrupt managers at Aster*sk? Watch Lars’s interview and find out. Stay tuned till the end to see Lars’s very er…unusual talent!

More Haphead world exploration and behind the scenes content coming soon!

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