Haphead’s happening

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted and we humbly apologize for this belated blog. But there’s a really great reason for our tardiness.

Our project was selected for funding!

As soon as we heard that the Independent Production Fund had chosen to fund Haphead, we leaped into pre-production mode in a big time way. Good thing too, because there’s a ton to do. Revising the script. Reworking budgets. Finalizing casting. Finding locations. Take a look at a few pre-pro highlights.

Table read

8 -10 people read from scripts while sitting around a coffee table

Table read with the main cast


Location possibilities

Inside of an abandoned, dilapidated commuter train

Transportation sucks in the future


30 tightly packed streetlights

Cool, streetlight chaos at Westin Road and Dennis Ave, in Toronto



Silver connector with three cables attached

Maxine jacks in with this original haptic cable created by Marc Ngui


 Set deck

Poster with picture of a chicken. Text:  "R.I.P.- 2017. Eggistential"

In the future, eggs are a thing of the past.


Superstar shout-outs

We’re incredibly excited to be able to make Haphead happen. And we’re grateful to everyone who helped. Thanks to:

  • Our talented cast and crew, who made our trailer so captivating and cohesive.
  • The people who offered advice and ideas for our IPF application package.
  • And everyone who took the time to watch the trailer!

We <heart> all of you.




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