The Kickstarter campaign to finish HAPHEAD, our neo-noir webseries set in 2025 Toronto, started last week. This week we have a new reward!

Post-Apocalyptic Pin-Ups

We’ve been making sci-fi movies for the past seven years here in Toronto, and consequently visualizing the future here a lot. So we’ve put them together in a 2015 calendar called FALLEN TORONTO as a new reward. If you live here you can shiver in nameless dread all the year round, and if you live elsewhere you can revel in schadenfreude at the fall of our socialist den of iniquity.

Some months feature the work of HAPHEAD’s brilliant 3D artist, Mathew Borrett, like this one that reminds us that winter is coming… the beautiful and terrible winter…

Concept illustrations for GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS by the marvellous Sanford Kong show us that art, even institutional art, is a fragile thing & needs support (hint hint)…

And Terry Lau‘s graphic design warns us of the peculiar dangers after the 2026 mutant spider infestation.

A Glitch in the Mayoral Matrix

In the calendar, beyond the usual holidays and such we’ve added events of note such as the CN TOWER COLLAPSE (2032) and DEAMALGAMATION DAY (2019).

We’re having a bit of trouble with October 27th, however.

It keeps randomly fluctuating between FORD NATION ALLEGIANCE BBQ and ELECTION DAY. I guess until us Torontonians decide our future this Monday, these timelines will be unstable.

As an asian female, candidate Olivia Chow would obviously be playing the part of our mayor in a sci-fi story.

Vote Utopian! Vote Chow!

Yes, Yes, But How Do I Get the Calendar?

Easy! Go here, and check out the rewards.