Thanks for the Kickstarter love

Raised $30,802

After a month of fretting, nail-biting and non-stop promotion, it’s a relief to see that green stripe of success.

We did it! We raised just over $30,000 on Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Whether you donated to the campaign, shared, posted, liked, tweeted, talked about it or blackmailed your loved ones into giving – we are very grateful for all your support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

5 down. 3 to go.

While the campaign was heating up, Tate was busy editing episode after episode. He’s already finished early cuts of the first 5 episodes and the series looks awesome. It’s a dramatic tale that’s heavy on story, peppered with action and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next.

Maxine stares down the Insurance agent Katherine

Maxine stonewall Katherine, the ambitious Pervasive Insurance agent.

Hal the Hammer shouts angrily

Hal the Hammer loses his cool at the Aster*sk Factory

Shout-out time

A lot of people donated their time and talents to create a variety of interesting and wacky rewards for our fundraising campaign. Warm thanks to these very generous people.
  • Barb Benoit for the gorgeous crystal necklace
  • Ben DeVries and Kai Ferris for the stunt lessons
  • Derek Quenneville for the quirky, 3D Clone your Head reward
  • Mathew Borrett, Sanford Kong, Terry Lau for the FALLEN TORONTO calendar artwork
  • Ryan Leis for the handmade Haphead belt buckle, Overgrowth pendant and the extra campaign videos
  • The Monkey Vault for the parkour sessions
  • Wolfire Games for the Overgrowth games
These rewards were amazing. Thanks to the team for allowing us to offer them! And thanks to you for helping us make this fundraiser a success!

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