8 awesome quotes about FALLEN TORONTO

CN Tower has fal

A week or so ago we released a brand, new Kickstarter reward – a pin-up calendar called FALLEN TORONTO. It’s 12 months of bleak but beautiful images of post-apocalyptic Toronto donated by Toronto artists Matt Borrett, Sandford and Terry Lau. It got some online buzz with hundreds of posted comments on various websites. Here’s a collection of some of our faves.

8 great quotes about FALLEN TORONTO

…gorgeous images of a fallen Toronto.” -Annalee Newitz, Editor-in-Chief, io9

Pretty creepy…and very well-done.”  -Skye, blogTO

The idea of a post-apocalyptic Toronto got me all shaking in my boots with excitement.” – Jwdd, blogTO

Beware of Spiders

I’ve always thought that raccoons will inherit Toronto…” – Mice, BlogTO

It’s fun to imagine what Toronto’s future could look like if everything went wrong.” – Toronto Standard

“…the apocalypse is soo coooool… ” – Dan, commentor in blogTO

Destroyed Gardiner highway

“11 great pictures of post-apocalyptic Toronto, and one pic of later-this-year Gardiner Expressway.”  -Jwcorey,  io9

Still looks better then Detroit.” – Jgenao, io9

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