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From the Vault: An Interview with Elysia

Haphead star Elysia White, talks about playing the tough-talking Maxine, fighting a pro-wrestler and her biggest on-set challenge.

Elysia White

Elysia White plays the bad-ass Maxine.

Sasha: What did you like about Maxine?

 Elysia: What didn’t I like about Maxine is probably going to be a shorter answer. She’s a strong independent woman at the age of 18. She doesn’t get caught up with  boys and tedious things with school. She knows what she wants. And she’s kind of like a lone wolf. She’s edgy.  She’s smart. She’s quippy.

I feel like I do have a lot in common with her. I taught myself how to throw knives and shoot a cross bow and she’s teaching herself how to fight. We’re doing things that we think are cool because they’re cool, not because someone else told us to.

Sasha: You taught yourself to throw knives?

Elysia: We actually used it in Just Ella [Elysia’s first film with Haphead creator Jim Munroe]. It wasn’t brilliant footage of me doing it because I had to do it really quickly and usually I have to stop and aim. But I went through a phase a couple years ago ordering throwing knives and ordering cool things off this American website that weren’t available in Canada and set up a little target in my house at the time. And I practiced throwing them and I got really good!

Sasha: So you’re lethal.

Elysia: Yeah! A little bit.

Sasha: What was it like doing the fight scenes?

Elysia: It was so super fun! I have a beginners certificate for stage combat… Basic rapier dagger, hand-to-hand, kind of stuff. But I needed to expand on that so I did a few drop-in classes and extra training.

Sasha: Where did you go for training?

Elysia: Rapier Wit with Dan Levinson. He was great. I was there for about 4 classes. And I was lucky enough to get basically a one-on-one coaching session with one of the trainers of Rapier Wit and we worked specifically on hand-to-hand and muay thai. And she showed me some kicks and rabbit punches that I could use.

Then obviously fighting Ben at the parkour place. Fighting him and Adrian, they both really, really know what they’re doing. Ben just does a triple black flip for fun over lunch! So they looked really cool and as a result made me look cool even though I was the weaker fighter in the real world.

Elysia fights actor Ben DeVries.

Elysia fights actor Ben DeVries.

Sasha: And you fought Devon Nicholson. How was that?

Elysia: It was really fun to fight him because he’s a WWE status wrestler. … It was so crazy. He is enormous. He is three times my size. His thigh is the size of your entire body. But he’s great -the nicest guy. Off camera he’s like, hugs, cuddles. But when he gets his wrestler face on, his professional wrestler face – his eyes pop out of his skull. He just roars like a lion.

Devon Nicholson as "Hannibal the Animal" turns up the terror on the factory floor.

“Hannibal the Animal” turns up the terror on the factory floor.

Elysia: And I’ve always said, from the beginning of my existence in the acting world that I will always do my own stunts.  Tom Cruise does his own stunts. Angelina [Jolie] does her own stunts. And she is my idol. Granted, I don’t want to adopt a thousand children from different countries.

Sasha: Not yet!

Elysia: Maybe in a couple years. Once Haphead really takes off and the millions start coming in. [laughs] And I always really liked that about her. And as a result I always wanted to do my own stunts because she showed that you can do it without a stunt double. You can still be hot. You can still be a movie star and you can still do all that girlie stuff and still be a bad ass.

Sasha: What was it like on set in general?

Elysia: I was busy all the time so I was having the time of my life. Any actor who complains about being busy and having to wake up at 4:00 in the morning is in the wrong career…I woke up every morning excited to do it. And reluctant to leave the set afterwards. It reaffirmed for me that I’m doing the right thing. And I really liked the crew. Our unsung heros.. our grips, our sound guys. They were all so sweet and so lovely.

Sasha: Were there any surprises that you found in working on this role?

Elysia: I don’t know if surprise would be the right word. But as far as discovering Maxine, I learned new things about her just from being in her skin for that time.

Like the scenes where Maxine is talking to Princess, I was holding onto this angsty, I’m Maxine. I’m always serious all the time. And Tate [Haphead’s director] was like, “Pretend you’re talking to an old friend, your best friend. You’re not going to talk like that.” Then all my conversations with Princess were like, “Oh my god and then this happened.” And that was kind of a surprise. It was kind of a kick in the face.

I put her [Maxine] into this box of bad-assery and was so focused on achieving that that I forgot about the simplicity of a teenaged girl having coffee with her bestie.

Maxine bonds with her bestie, Princess.

Maxine bonds with her bestie, Princess.

Sasha: What kind of roles would you write for yourself? 

Elysia: The female Indiana Jones. I grew up watching Indian Jones on repeat. Huge love affair with Harrison Ford. And if I could just translate that to be a lady. That’s exactly what I would write for myself.

Sasha: Do you watch sci-fi?

Elysia: Yes. Well my dad raised me to be a Trekkie. I grew up in the Voyager generation. Next Gen was right before me so I know Next Gen, I’ve seen them but Captain Kathryn Janeway was my homie. And hey first lady captain! She was awesome.

I watched the X-Men and Spiderman cartoons and all of the new Marvel movies. I absolutely love anything Stan Lee ever touches. The new Star Trek movies were awesome. What else? I haven’t gotten into Doctor Who yet, but I’ve heard lots of good things and I feel like I’ll probably get to that eventually. I own every season of Quantum Leap on DVD.

Sasha: No way!

Elysia: I watched it as a kid and it was cancelled and then I bought all the DVDs when I was a teenager and proceeded to watch them frequently. And it was very unfortunate when Scott Bakula did the new Enterprise and it was cancelled after 2 seasons or something ridiculous. It was not for very long.

Sasha: Where do you think web series are going?

Elysia: Hopefully it’ll keep going up and out. …I think Netflix should have a web series category. We should be like “Yo Netflix just make a new category, it’s no skin off your back and you’ll have all this new content.” I assume that will happen eventually. I think it’d be silly not to.

Sasha: Were there any challenges working on the Haphead production?

Elysia: Yes! My biggest thing is that I’m not a very emotional person in my life. I’ll well up at the end of a Pixar movie, you know. But in my personal life I’m not a crier. But I had so many crying scenes. And that’s not something that’s easy for me.

But it was one of those things, I was like, alright, I’m under pressure. I need to do this. And if I don’t, we’re not going to get the shot. So I needed to find ways to get myself to cry… I had to take, sometimes half an hour, 45 minutes before even shooting… just to focus on breathing and really get in tune with that part of me that knows how to cry that I don’t use a lot.

Maxine mourns her loss.

Maxine mourns her loss.

Sasha: Did you ever go to a sad thought that you’d try to remember?

Elysia: Well sort of, it’s more of a feeling that I have to remember. 3 years ago a very, very dear friend of mine passed away very tragically. He drowned late one night. He slipped and fell and just… it was devastating. So the feeling that that caused,  the way my body felt when that happened it’s accessible. That feeling was really accessible so that was something I could fall back into. I even feel shitty talking about it right now.

Sasha: Crying on demand is its own skill.

Elysia: And selling it. It’s one thing to make your eyes well up. It’s another thing to have a close up and have the camera believe that you’re sad. It’s hard. Super hard. Some people are really good at it. I have a friend who can just cry all day and it’s no big deal. And she, as a result, gets those roles where she cries. But I was never that.

Sasha: Were there any lessons that you learned? About the film process or yourself in the course of this project?

Elysia: I didn’t learn it the hard way… it was something that I always believed. Just always be nice to people. Because you have no idea who you’re talking to. And in this industry it is entirely networking. And if you act out or if you go diva on someone… that’s going to get out there and one day you’re going to be on the wrong side of the casting table and you’re going to get screwed over because you’re not likable.

Be nice. Everyone is helping everyone. If the guy who brings you your water drops something – pick it up for him. It’s not hard. Just be a nice human being.




Happy New Year!

2014 was one hell of a great year

Making the Haphead trailer. Getting the green light from the IPF. Pre-production planning and the post-production crunch. An unrelenting shoot schedule and a fast and furious Kickstarter campaign. Whew!

And it’s all been worth it. Because here we are. Haphead’s in the final stages of post, just one month away from being released!

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who helped us turn this little sci-fi novella into a full-fledged web series. Thank you for being part of this crazy, wild and wonderful ride!


Happy New Year!

Just one more month to launch!

Every day we get a little closer to a fully finished Haphead series. We’ve got a screening date booked, the test screening’s done and the post-production is rocking out.

You helped make the series. Now see the story.

In early 2015, Haphead hits the big screen. We’ll be showing all eight delicious episodes at The Royal Cinema in Toronto. Tickets go on sale in next year. If you didn’t score a ticket through our Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry you can pick up a ticket in winter 2015. For just $12 you can watch 70 minutes of drama, intrigue and super story telling!

Don't miss opening night -  January 22, 2015!

Don’t miss opening night – January 22, 2015!

It’s not too late to get your FALLEN TORONTO calendar!

Want to revel in a full year of stunning post-apocalyptic imagery? There’s still time. We’re selling a limited number of FALLEN TORONTO calendars. Find out how to get yours!

Two men look at the FALLEN TORONTO calendar

Spacing’s Matt Blackett and Michael Bulko check out the pages of epic destruction.

 Testing, testing. 1, 2, 3 – 8 

When you’re mired in a project, it’s hard to be objective. What’s working? What’s not working? Who knows anymore? That’s why we organized a Haphead test screening with a small audience. In a comfy, cozy room, our volunteers watched Season 1 in one big gulp. Afterwards they told us what worked, what didn’t and helped us pinpoint potential areas of confusion. Armed with specific feedback, our editor Tate fine-tuned each episode making the story tighter and the scenes work harder.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts: Tracey B., Maureen W., Joanna M., Emily P.W., Karina and Randal B.

Post-pro round up 

Now that the final edits are made we’re at picture lock. Which means this post-production train is in the final leg of the trip. The colourization started this past Monday. Our visual effects artists, Matt and Barb, have been busy creating some killer visuals and effects. While our machinimist Sagan painstakingly created video game animation.On the sound side, composer Adrian is creating a score that brings out the drama, while sound designer Fanny is carefully enhancing the sound of every shout, whisper and futuristic whirr.
Privacy? What privacy? This is the future!

Survelliance drone conceived by Marc Ngui and created by Mathew Borrett

It’s not too late to get your FALLEN TORONTO calendar!

Get your fallen future just in time for Giftmas!

Two men look at the FALLEN TORONTO calendar

Matt Blackett and Michael Bulko of Spacing check out the new calendar. “Oooh… look at the epic destruction!”

The demand for the FALLEN TORONTO calendars was terrific. So terrific in fact, that for the next six weeks, we’re going to keeps selling the post-apocalyptic pix. There are a limited number of calendars though, so get yours before it’s too late! Otherwise you may be stuck looking at 12 months of weird babies floating in oversized lily pads or doe-eyed, testically-undescended, Teen Beat boy bands. Oh! The horror!

Here’s how you can get your mitts on 12 months of destruction

Visit the new Spacing store

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Enter off Richmond St. via northeast corner of building

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Email us your order

Send an email to Sean at and he’ll co-ordinate a pay method for you. Be sure to include your snail mail address so we know where to send your calendar.

Canada orders: $35 ($25/calendar + $10/taxes & shipping)

USA orders: $40 ($25/calendar + $15/taxes & shipping)

International orders: $50 ($25/calendar + $25/taxes & shipping)

No matter which option you choose, the proceeds from all calendar sales will help support Haphead Season 2!

CN Tower

Once again, traffic on the Gardiner ground to a halt.


Thanks for the Kickstarter love

Raised $30,802

After a month of fretting, nail-biting and non-stop promotion, it’s a relief to see that green stripe of success.

We did it! We raised just over $30,000 on Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Whether you donated to the campaign, shared, posted, liked, tweeted, talked about it or blackmailed your loved ones into giving – we are very grateful for all your support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

5 down. 3 to go.

While the campaign was heating up, Tate was busy editing episode after episode. He’s already finished early cuts of the first 5 episodes and the series looks awesome. It’s a dramatic tale that’s heavy on story, peppered with action and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next.

Maxine stares down the Insurance agent Katherine

Maxine stonewall Katherine, the ambitious Pervasive Insurance agent.

Hal the Hammer shouts angrily

Hal the Hammer loses his cool at the Aster*sk Factory

Shout-out time

A lot of people donated their time and talents to create a variety of interesting and wacky rewards for our fundraising campaign. Warm thanks to these very generous people.
  • Barb Benoit for the gorgeous crystal necklace
  • Ben DeVries and Kai Ferris for the stunt lessons
  • Derek Quenneville for the quirky, 3D Clone your Head reward
  • Mathew Borrett, Sanford Kong, Terry Lau for the FALLEN TORONTO calendar artwork
  • Ryan Leis for the handmade Haphead belt buckle, Overgrowth pendant and the extra campaign videos
  • The Monkey Vault for the parkour sessions
  • Wolfire Games for the Overgrowth games
These rewards were amazing. Thanks to the team for allowing us to offer them! And thanks to you for helping us make this fundraiser a success!

8 awesome quotes about FALLEN TORONTO

CN Tower has fal

A week or so ago we released a brand, new Kickstarter reward – a pin-up calendar called FALLEN TORONTO. It’s 12 months of bleak but beautiful images of post-apocalyptic Toronto donated by Toronto artists Matt Borrett, Sandford and Terry Lau. It got some online buzz with hundreds of posted comments on various websites. Here’s a collection of some of our faves.

8 great quotes about FALLEN TORONTO

…gorgeous images of a fallen Toronto.” -Annalee Newitz, Editor-in-Chief, io9

Pretty creepy…and very well-done.”  -Skye, blogTO

The idea of a post-apocalyptic Toronto got me all shaking in my boots with excitement.” – Jwdd, blogTO

Beware of Spiders

I’ve always thought that raccoons will inherit Toronto…” – Mice, BlogTO

It’s fun to imagine what Toronto’s future could look like if everything went wrong.” – Toronto Standard

“…the apocalypse is soo coooool… ” – Dan, commentor in blogTO

Destroyed Gardiner highway

“11 great pictures of post-apocalyptic Toronto, and one pic of later-this-year Gardiner Expressway.”  -Jwcorey,  io9

Still looks better then Detroit.” – Jgenao, io9

5 easy Halloween costumes based on a webseries

Going to a Halloween party? Then you have to dress up. So if you’re looking for an easy costume, we’ve got 5 webseries-inspired ones that you can pull together in a flash. And hey, if someone knows who you are – you’ll have made a friend for life!

Raven from Clutch

One trip to the local Stag Shop and you can put a version of Raven’s sexy dom look. A pair of leather leggings. A sexy red and black bustier and of course, a riding crop!

Raven from Clutch


B.J. Fletcher from B.J. Fletcher Private Eye

Dig through Dad’s closet and grap his wide lapelled leather jacket. Add a black T, and penetrating stare and hello Halloween!

BJ Fletcher

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Pour yourself a big cup of orange: Whether you throw on short shorts or long pants, a crop-top or tee-shirt you can be almost anyone from this great series. That’s the beauty of prison fashion! Be ready to bust out your loud-and-proud singing voice and killer dance moves at a moment’s notice.

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Gayl Pile from The Amazing Gayl Pile

Take a quick trip to your local thrift shop and pick up a pair of too large wire-frame glasses and the wackiest vest you can find. Put on your best home shopping voice and voila! You are instantly transformed from a run-of-the-mill loser into a home-shopping king-of-the-world nerd!

Gayl Pile

Maxine from Haphead

This list isn’t complete without our heroine, Maxine. She’s all black, all the time. Black leggings, black tank top and a black hoodie. Add a smack of stubbornness and mix with a fuck you attitude.

Elysia from Haphead


Happy Halloween everybody!

Two weeks of “Action!”

On-set moments. Off-scene waiting. Hamming it up and toning it down. We’ve got a bunch of great production pix for you to peruse. Take a moment to check them out.

Unless otherwise noted, photo are courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling.

Elysia White

Kwambe Kyei-Boateng

Joanne Jansen

Sarah DeSouza-Coelho

Tony Edgar, sets up the shot

Ninja is ready to rumble

Parkour. Parked

BunnyHead. Nuff said

David Straus, delighted with his new tat


Hanging out. Being cool

Elysia fights actor Ben DeVries


WWE wrestler Devon Nicholson with Elysia

Ryan Leis, heats things up

Forged weapons


The scene behind the screen

Eyes that mesmerize


- Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

– Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

Teaser pleaser in a Kickstarter vid!

Exciting news! We’ve just released a new Haphead teaser trailer! It’s intriguing, suspenseful and looks amazing. Take a peek below!

Boot tread with "Haphead" embedded into it.

Check out the trailer. Or risk a stomping.

(Kick) start me up!

This new trailer is part of an overall fundraising effort. So if you like the trailer, then help make sure the whole series looks just as amazing.  Check out our campaign, peruse the rewards and make a donation. Whether it’s $5 or $500 – every dollar makes a difference. Plus, you’ll be helping to create an original webseries that’s worth watching.

Share the campaign and create some good karma

Tell your quirky auntie, your best friend and your brother-in-law with that weird mole. Share it with your faithful followers, Facebook friends and Google+ googlers. You’ll put lots of good karma in the bank. Which hopefully, one day may be used as legal tender.


Photoshoot fun. Photoshop magic

Every movie has a main visual and the “Elysia Stomp” is ours. We’re going to use it on everything: Handouts, posters and the cover of the Haphead novella – and of course our Kickstarter campaign! A big thanks to Elysia our stomping superstar, Derek our photographer, Terry our Creative Director, Teresa our Make-Up Artist and Mathew our Visual Effects Artist who created the authentic-looking Haphead shoe tread.

Elysia balances with help of crew

Behind the boot action


Check back soon for more Haphead news!

Picture Wrap!

The weekend wrap up

Last weekend was insanely busy. The schedule was packed. We shoot everything from factory workers and fight scenes, to night walks and train commuters.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train


Guard stares at punk father

Punk dad gets the death glare.


Woman and man sitting on train

On the way to dystopian factory exploitation



Hey…How you doin’?


Joanne and Kwame standing

Staring down the mall cop


Adrian watches factory workers

Keeping a watchful eye on those hotheaded hapheads.

Elysia stares

Time to get serious.

Devon and Elysia - Post fight posing


Bonus content

While the story footage was being shot, Ian and Mike were capturing great behind-the-scenes footage. They’ll shape it into into a documentary, mockumentary mash-up of totally captivating must-watch, supplementary content!

Tate sitting at a table on the train

Tate tells all. Well, some.


Elysia dishes about the production

Elysia dishes about being a hophead


Tony holds the camera

Getting some behind-the-camera action


Shout out to everyone who helped

A big, huge, massive enormous thanks to everyone who helped on this production. Actors, Make Up Artists, Production Assistants, Grips, Director of Photography, Sound Recordists, Wardrobe, Prop makers and donators, Art Director, Still Photographer, Writer, Medic, Fight Choreographer, Performers and Background Actors, Director and Producers.

Plus, special thanks to Peter at The Printing Ink Factory, Dan at The Monkey Vault, and all the generous people who allowed us to shoot in their homes.

Post-production story construction

Now we’re shifting into post. Editing, sound design, music, special effects and colour correction. There’s tons to be done before we’re ready to release it in January 2015!