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Haphead in Russian

Haphead has been translated into Russian and for the next month will be featured on IGN Russia.

Head over to IGN Russia to watch.

Let your Russian speaking friends know there’s some brand new ass-kicking sci-fi they can enjoy in their native language.

Special thanks to Ilya Chentsov for translating and Sergey Tsilyurik for reviewing.

Haphead at SCI-FI-LONDON on June 6

Attention Britons: Haphead will be at SCI-FI-LONDON this year. Saturday June 6, 4:40pm, Stratford Picture House.

Haphead Gag Reel Now Online

Watch Haphead on Canal Play In France


Haphead is now on Canal Play

If you’re in France, please enjoy Haphead on Canal Play.

Translate Haphead

Whelp-translate-wordlee’ve started the initiative to crowdsource Haphead translations. If you speak a second language and would like to help, head over to our dotsub videos to find out how:

EPISODE 1 ‘New Meat’
EPISODE 2 ‘Level Up’
EPISODE 3 ‘Grudge Match’
EPISODE 4 ‘Writer’s Block’
EPISODE 5 ‘Condition of the Heart’
EPISODE 6 ‘A Moment of Silence’ (wordless episode – no translations required)
EPISODE 7 ‘Scoot or Die’
EPISODE 8 ‘Terminus-Phrase’

Note: we already have french translations.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our translation coordination email:


Haphead Season 2?

We’d love to do a season 2 — and you can help!
See our season 2 page for the many ways you can help make it happen!

Episode 8 ‘Terminus-Phrase’ online!

Episode 7 ‘Scoot or Die’ now online!

Suspect of the official report, Maxine searches for clues that may shed some light on her recent tragedy.

Episode 6 ‘A Moment of Silence’ & bonus video ‘Lizzie Blitz’

Episode 6 is now online!

Lizzie Blitz

After you watch episode 6, follow future vlogger Lizzie Blitz as she takes you into the secret world of the haptic video-gaming scene – if only she doesn’t get found out. See what happens on the flip side of Haphead Episode 6: A Moment of Silence.

Wells Aster*sk Employee Interview