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5 easy Halloween costumes based on a webseries

Going to a Halloween party? Then you have to dress up. So if you’re looking for an easy costume, we’ve got 5 webseries-inspired ones that you can pull together in a flash. And hey, if someone knows who you are – you’ll have made a friend for life!

Raven from Clutch

One trip to the local Stag Shop and you can put a version of Raven’s sexy dom look. A pair of leather leggings. A sexy red and black bustier and of course, a riding crop!

Raven from Clutch


B.J. Fletcher from B.J. Fletcher Private Eye

Dig through Dad’s closet and grap his wide lapelled leather jacket. Add a black T, and penetrating stare and hello Halloween!

BJ Fletcher

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Pour yourself a big cup of orange: Whether you throw on short shorts or long pants, a crop-top or tee-shirt you can be almost anyone from this great series. That’s the beauty of prison fashion! Be ready to bust out your loud-and-proud singing voice and killer dance moves at a moment’s notice.

Inmates from Prison Dancer

Gayl Pile from The Amazing Gayl Pile

Take a quick trip to your local thrift shop and pick up a pair of too large wire-frame glasses and the wackiest vest you can find. Put on your best home shopping voice and voila! You are instantly transformed from a run-of-the-mill loser into a home-shopping king-of-the-world nerd!

Gayl Pile

Maxine from Haphead

This list isn’t complete without our heroine, Maxine. She’s all black, all the time. Black leggings, black tank top and a black hoodie. Add a smack of stubbornness and mix with a fuck you attitude.

Elysia from Haphead


Happy Halloween everybody!