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Picture Wrap!

The weekend wrap up

Last weekend was insanely busy. The schedule was packed. We shoot everything from factory workers and fight scenes, to night walks and train commuters.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train


Guard stares at punk father

Punk dad gets the death glare.


Woman and man sitting on train

On the way to dystopian factory exploitation



Hey…How you doin’?


Joanne and Kwame standing

Staring down the mall cop


Adrian watches factory workers

Keeping a watchful eye on those hotheaded hapheads.

Elysia stares

Time to get serious.

Devon and Elysia - Post fight posing


Bonus content

While the story footage was being shot, Ian and Mike were capturing great behind-the-scenes footage. They’ll shape it into into a documentary, mockumentary mash-up of totally captivating must-watch, supplementary content!

Tate sitting at a table on the train

Tate tells all. Well, some.


Elysia dishes about the production

Elysia dishes about being a hophead


Tony holds the camera

Getting some behind-the-camera action


Shout out to everyone who helped

A big, huge, massive enormous thanks to everyone who helped on this production. Actors, Make Up Artists, Production Assistants, Grips, Director of Photography, Sound Recordists, Wardrobe, Prop makers and donators, Art Director, Still Photographer, Writer, Medic, Fight Choreographer, Performers and Background Actors, Director and Producers.

Plus, special thanks to Peter at The Printing Ink Factory, Dan at The Monkey Vault, and all the generous people who allowed us to shoot in their homes.

Post-production story construction

Now we’re shifting into post. Editing, sound design, music, special effects and colour correction. There’s tons to be done before we’re ready to release it in January 2015!

It’s Action Time!

We’re less than two days away from going into production. The plan is to shoot for 10 days over the course of two weeks. Which means the whole cast and crew will get at least a couple of days off each week.

Lights. Camera. Action!

It all starts bright and early (but not crazy early!) on Monday, August 18. It’s a nice indoor one –which is a great way to ease into the production madness.  Actors, Mandy and Jeff, will channel their ruthless, inner insurance agents as the characters Katherine and Dan. Elysia and David will strut their stuff as the close knit Maxine and Dad.

Fight Club

This week, rehearsals took centre stage. Lines were learned. Emotions were emoted. And Elysia “Fists of Fury” White honed her ass-kicking moves the old-timey way.

Elysia can teach Beyonce a thing or two about being fierce!

Elysia can teach Beyonce a thing or two about being fierce!


At Pervasive Insurance, logos watch you!

In addition to creating the wardrobe and planning the set deck, Art Director Marc Ngui, also been tweaking the Pervasive Insurance logo. Now with the addition of the camera, this whole logo is officially 42.5% creepier.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 3.15.18 PM

We’re super excited about our first day. Can’t wait to get rolling!