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Teaser pleaser in a Kickstarter vid!

Exciting news! We’ve just released a new Haphead teaser trailer! It’s intriguing, suspenseful and looks amazing. Take a peek below!

Boot tread with "Haphead" embedded into it.

Check out the trailer. Or risk a stomping.

(Kick) start me up!

This new trailer is part of an overall fundraising effort. So if you like the trailer, then help make sure the whole series looks just as amazing.  Check out our campaign, peruse the rewards and make a donation. Whether it’s $5 or $500 – every dollar makes a difference. Plus, you’ll be helping to create an original webseries that’s worth watching.

Share the campaign and create some good karma

Tell your quirky auntie, your best friend and your brother-in-law with that weird mole. Share it with your faithful followers, Facebook friends and Google+ googlers. You’ll put lots of good karma in the bank. Which hopefully, one day may be used as legal tender.


Photoshoot fun. Photoshop magic

Every movie has a main visual and the “Elysia Stomp” is ours. We’re going to use it on everything: Handouts, posters and the cover of the Haphead novella – and of course our Kickstarter campaign! A big thanks to Elysia our stomping superstar, Derek our photographer, Terry our Creative Director, Teresa our Make-Up Artist and Mathew our Visual Effects Artist who created the authentic-looking Haphead shoe tread.

Elysia balances with help of crew

Behind the boot action


Check back soon for more Haphead news!