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We’re halfway there!

This production is rocking and rolling. This past week we shot everything from outcast tattoos, punching Dad in the face, clandestine druggings and getaway shaggin’ wagons. The future’s a damn good place to be illicit and complicit.

Life In The Haphead Lair

Our most ambitious shoot was at The Monkey Vault.  The owner Dan, along with one of our producers Anthony, lined up a kaleidoscope of talented performers with a variety of physical skills. Parkour. Break dancing. Capoeira. Acrobatics. Skateboarding. We even had an authentic blacksmith on board!

Add in some punk glam costumes, inventive light set-ups, hazy smoke machine and the marvellous effort of all cast and crew and you get a Haphead lair that really came to life.

Performer does a flipping

Just casually flipping out.

Elysia prepares to punch

It’s like Friday Night Fight Club

Tony looks through camera viewfinder

Director of Photography, Tony shoots a smoke-filled room.


Woman hang on bars

Just hanging around

Blacksmith creates weapons

Pretty much the coolest blacksmith ever.

Elysia brandishes her new weapon

Elysia brandishes her new weapon

Guy wearing oversized bunny head.

You know Turner, the Ninja Rabbit in Overgrowth? I’m his brother, Doug.

Group photos of performers, cast and crew

Performers, cast, crew at The Monkey Vault


Your 7-day shooting forecast: Sunny with a chance of trains.

This week we’ll be in Toronto, Vaughan and Uxbridge where our fearless heroine Maxine will be fighting, stealing and riding the rails to economic exploitation. Now that sounds like a party!